Ava: 207 weeks old…


Hola. Our traveling Ava is now 207 weeks old…

…and is still here in Anza Borrego.

Ava got to spend some time at the Visitor’s Center. Exploring…

Making scary mountain lion faces.

And enjoying a little mini-me following her every move.

We also attended a short talk about desert plants. Every time she sees a leaf, she loves to break the leaf in half to get a better whiff. Something she learned back in Florida.

Before we knew it, it was New Year’s Eve and here is our last family picture of 2010. Good bye 2010.
last family picture of 2010.

Hello 2011. And we said hello to an old friend too. Emma the Airstreamer :)

We ended up at one of the local diners for breakfast and sat next to table full of policemen. Ava really wanted to go up to them and say hello. So Dada took her to their table to say hello. They were all super nice to our little girl.

We also did some super light off-roading to check out the desert statues. Ava loved copying all their poses.

On our last night there, we sat around the campfire with some new blog friends and enjoyed our last night in the desert.

And that night, Ava got a bad cough and her nebulizer was not working. We were an hour from a hospital and made the decision to drive to the ER. Just in case.

And of course, we sat there for hours… and never got called. But thankfully Ava’s cough got better. Check out her rosy cheeks and lips. Some kind young ladies felt sorry for the two of us and brought us coffee and donuts. Much to Ava’s delight.

Dan spent the next few hours, driving through the pitch dark desert and hitching up the Airstream so we could head home… with Mila asleep in her car seat. And Ava and I waiting in the ER. Not fun. But eventually we got home. Much to everyone’s delight… especially Sivi’s.

And when Ava got better, she was happy to see her buddy Grace again.

And started her new big girl swim class.

But little did we know that her arms would grow so tired that she wasn’t enjoying her new class. “I have tired arms” she kept saying.

At home, she pointed out that she had a owl and kitty just like the picture of her favorite book.

Oh and she has been asking for a Jessie braid every morning before school.

Alright. See ya!

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